The JA Assure Business

Starting out in the insurance industry in 1999, we headquartered our operations in Singapore to challenge ourselves within its vibrant economic climate. Over almost two decades, we have remained nimble to the ever-changing dynamic of Singapore while gathering valuable experience and expertise to help our clients across South-East Asia as well as in East Europe.

JA ASSURE believes in ensuring our clients Live in Peace – our motto that forms the backbone of our approach and focus. We go beyond the norm to provide our clients customised and well-thought-out risk management solutions through strategic insurance.

We insure Bank Notes, Foreign Currency, Jewellery and Precious Stones, Luxury Watches, Pawned Items, Artefacts, Paintings, Gold Bullions and Collectibles against any loss beyond the stated exclusions and limitations. We have grown to become the specialist in providing focused solutions to tradesmen in these industries, and serve to empower business owners in their business development by assuming their risks in exchange for cost-effective premiums.

We take a holistic approach to risk management and readily share our expertise and understanding of our clients’ risks so that their risks can be mitigated first before being covered via our insurance solutions. Our extensive coverage includes Premises Risk and Transit Risk that covers both domestic and international transit by flight. In addition, we also include coverage while items are entrusted to others, such as on display at exhibitions.

JA Assure Approach

We go beyond just writing up insurance policies and quoting insurance premiums. Our philosophy is to provide customised, comprehensive and holistic risk management solutions through our insurance consultation. And we transform this philosophy into practice by adopting a guided and systematic approach so that our clients can Live in Peace.

The JA ASSURE approach begins with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s current risks and the risk-management practices in place to address those risks. The outcome of the analysis then lays the foundation for our expert and focused risk-mitigation measures where we identify ways in which the client can overcome or adequately protect themselves against the risks. The eventual insurance strategy will then enable the business to thrive while maintaining a peace of mind with the knowledge that its assets are protected and its interests are safeguarded in the best way possible.

In order to extend this peace of mind to the long-term well-being of our clients, we then explore sustainable changes and commitment. We construct a highly customised and comprehensive risk-management blueprint that encompasses a holistic and concerted effort across all the operations of the client’s business. We then ensure the blueprint’s effectiveness and relevance by incorporating continuous review of the measures in place to ensure that the business is protected in the most efficient and cost-effective manner at any given time.

The overarching aim for JA ASSURE is to embed a risk-management culture that becomes a natural ecosystem across and beyond our client’s business. While our short-term emphasis and long-term focus ensures the longevity of our clients’ assets and business interests, it is our aim to extend our contribution beyond just the individual businesses that we work with and positively impact the industries where we have a presence in.

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